вторник, 23 февруари 2021 г.

XI Национално състезание по творческо писане на английски език

Теодор Танев от 7 а клас бе отличен като финалист на XI Национално състезание по творческо писане на английски език за учебната 2020/2021 година.

В единадесетото издание се включиха 134 училища с 2330 участници от различни възрастови групи, м. ноември. Но само 126 финалисти впечатлиха съдиите със своя писателски талант и езикови умения – по 18 във всяка възрастова група. Теодор Танев е сред осемнадесетте финалисти – седмокласници.

Есето на Теодор Танев:

7.2 When I was in charge of the weather
I remember the time when Christianity didn’t exist. There wasn’t a dominant religion where there was just one sod. There were hundreds of gods controlling a lot of different things – earthquakes, starting fires, decomposing and much more. Back then it was chaotic as there wasn’t only one god per power, there were up to 10 controlling a single one. That’s why there were frequent conflicts and disagreements. I remember all this because I was in charge of controlling the weather and climate from 80000BC to 0BC, the creation of Christianity.
It was fun seeing humanity struggle with weather disasters like hurricanes, though it still finds its way. For example, people have managed to be creative with their solutions: during the ice age for example, humans found out how to start fires without the need of the fire gods: you just rub 2 rocks against each other and heat happens. That’s how they didn’t go extinct then, as the fire gods were too lazy to create natural fires.
Speaking of the Ice Age, it was very fun to watch but me and my colleagues decided to warm up the weather for the humanity’s sake. Unsurprisingly, that age wasn’t very fun for the humans or the rest of the life on Earth. There were some animals who adapted kind of well to the freezing temperatures like the mammoths but other animals like humans weren’t so lucky. They had to kill large predators just to use their skin to warm them up.
I said that seeing humanity struggle is fun, right? Well, having perfect temperatures for them is even better. Looking at them slowly but surely build civilizations and eventually countries is really satisfying and I don’t know why. Back when they mastered farming plants, we were truly amazed at how creative humans are. There were fights between different nations but that’s to be expected. What I didn’t like but couldn’t control was torturing – I don’t know why is that a thing, but humans found very painful executions entertaining. But ignoring the downsides, I think humanity was at its peak in my opinion.
Anyways, in the year of 0BC we decided that it would be a good idea to transfer all the control to a single god – huge mistake. Even though people advanced technologically, their manners fell behind. Even world-threatening conflicts started and ended. Right now humanity is at a good spot, but it’s doomed to run out of resources like oil and sand in the near future. If God wants humanity to suffer, he won’t help it.
What am I up to? I don’t know, I’m an elite person in Heaven which is kind of boring but I guess it’s fine. I can’t control the weather anymore, but if I could, I would make the weather get colder but sunnier so ice stops melting and plants photosynthesize more.
That was all I have to say. I certainly miss being a god and I hope the old system gets re-introduced.

Състезанието по творческо писане на английски език има десетгодишна история. Негов организатор е фондацията „Корпус за образование и развитие – КОРПЛЮС“. В него ученици от шести до дванадесети клас пишат есе по една от трите зададени теми в рамките на един астрономически час.